Who is Peter Joseph?

Who is Peter Joseph? A Mini-Documentary by Charles Robinson. In late 2009 I was able to interview Peter Joseph, the creator of “Zeitgeist: The Movie” and “Zeitgeist: Addendum“; Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement, (later in 2011 Zeitgeist Moving Forward) in his home.

He described himself and his life in details in what is likely a rare interview (until then). He was kind enough to provide Director, Charles Robinson, with previously unreleased media and video and I, in turn, did my best to create a documentary (albeit kinda poor in quality compared to his work!) that would help express who this person is.

Originally, the director was hoping to create a full-length documentary exploring many other aspects of his background, the movement and the like, but decided to keep it simple. The footage was shot in two, two-hour sessions in December 2009. Peter was very kind to extend the interview schedule over two days.

Peter Joseph was born in North Carolina to a middle-class family. He has said in interviews that his mother’s role as a social worker helped shape his opinion and impressions of American life.

He later moved to New York to attend art school. Currently, he lives and works in New York City as a freelance film editor/composer/producer for various industries.

“The biggest crutch to the evolution of human thought is breaking your own indoctrination. It’s very, very difficult to overcome emotional elements that have become so ingrained in you that you have an immediate reaction, an immediate suffering and pain when anything interferes with that. It’s a very, very complex problem… We have to learn how to identify and break our own indoctrination if we expect to move forward at all as a civilization.” – Peter Joseph

Here you can watch the full  Zeitgeist film series.

Watch Who is Peter Joseph? full documentary online

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