Voice of Trees

Many of us know about Padma Shri. Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng – the forest man of India who created 1360 acres of dense green forest in Assam, single-handedly. When we got lucky to shoot a film on him, so many things were running in our mind. But when we got up close with Jadav, we were swept clean by his simplicity and noble pursuit. How he walked the way for the past 35 years to build the forest that flourishes now with Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers and more was simply stunning. Had he been doing it for his own wellness, he’d have stopped after planting a tree or more near his house. But a whole big forest in the remote district of Jorhat? It is so hard to comprehend his commitment, passion & perseverance. In a time where politics is becoming a business and the common people are becoming materialistic consumers, we are forgetting the root of our very survival – Mother nature! It is the green warriors like Jadav Payeng who remain as the light and restore faith in humanity. VOICE OF TREES is his voice, as he speaks about his journey, his love for trees, his vision and his questions on the life today.

Category: People & Blogs

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