Two freedivers and their beautiful, dangerous sport

Their passion is dangerous and their goal is to break world records. The extreme athletes Axel früh and Nik Lindner are two of Germany’s best freedivers.

Top apnea swimmers, Axel Früh and Nik Linder, are constantly testing their limits. Their passion defines their lives and they have turned their hobby into a profession. At their dive center, they offer instruction in scuba diving, cave-diving and freediving, which is diving without breathing apparatus.
Nik Linder has already set several world records in freediving: 108 meters below ice with just flippers and a lung-full of air and 111 meters deep in a swimming pool. And Axel Früh is one of the few divers who plunge to great depths to explore extensive underwater cave systems. Our film team spent a year with them. Underwater cameraman Frank Roskam followed Früh into an extensive network of caves in Switzerland’s Lake Thun and to explore the “Jura,” a paddle steamer that has been lying forty meters below the surface of Lake Constance for 130 years. In Austria’s Lake Weissensee, Linder now wants to dive 75 meters below ice without flippers or breathing apparatus. His is a dangerous passion, which takes him into the beautiful world under the sea.

Category: Education

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