The Secret

The Secret is a documentary that preaches and explains the “Laws of attraction”. With an uplifting presentation, the film will show you how you can completely change your view in life for the better with a series of explanation about key to success and positive thinking.

The film showcase many interviews with philosophers, priest, doctor, physicists, psychologists, and even meta-physicists. All these individual educate you on how to think and feel optimistic. They suggest that the mind can always controls the body. They claim that it is all on the power of the sub-conscious mind, that we will always be better if we get rid of our negative feelings.

The Secret claim that when we think something good is about to occur, then it will eventually. Seems like this documentary tells us to build our own subjective reality, moment by moment. Almost everyone had strong belief as children. When we were at our childhood years, we always thought everything was possible. Then we forgot all of attitude when we reach adulthood, we stopped believing how wonderful we are. Interestingly, The Secret reminds us of those good old behaviors that we already knew since we were children.

The Secret has existed throughout human history. It was discovered, coveted, stolen, hidden, lost and recovered. He was hunted down, stolen and bought for vast sums of money.

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Category: Psychology

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