The Resurrection Club: Freed From Death Row (Death Row)

Nominated for a Goya, this short film tells the story of four men who – after spending years of their lives on Death Row for crimes they did not commit – were exonerated and freed.

Ron, Shujaa, Greg and Albert. Four men who have experienced first-hand the injustice of America’s Death Row. “We’ve all been on the row. We all know what it’s like down there.” When they were exonerated, they promised the friends left behind that they would work to put an end to the death penalty. Traveling from Texas to Washington, in the ‘Witness to Innocence’ Freedom Tour, they try to educate people on the realities of the death penalty.

This is also the story of those closest to them, their wives and children. The women that stayed at their side through the darkest of times. How do you rebuild your life after so many lost years?

Category: Crime, Education

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