The House of Saud

This Saudi Arabia History documentary is about the saudi royal family. The House of Al Saud originates to the 18th century emir, Muhammad ibn Saud, who ruled Arabian Peninsula for over 300 years.
The modern House of Saud was established in 1932, when Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud, established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as absolute monarch. His descendants are part of the royal family line and eligible to become rulers.
King Abd al-Aziz cemented alliances by marrying a daughter of every tribal chief in his realm, producing 45 legitimate sons and having at least 22 wives.

King Saud, who had 53 sons and at least 54 daughters. The descendents of King Abd al-Aziz now number in the thousands, many of whom hold important government positions.

Before his death, King Abd al-Aziz established a line of succession: Future kings were to be chosen from among his own sons, beginning with the oldest surviving son, Saud, and followed by the second oldest, Faisal. To date, five sons have ruled: Saud (1953-1964), Faisal (1964-1975), Khalid (1975-1982), Fahd (1982-2005), and Abdullah (2005-present). Several of his other sons currently serve in the highest levels of government: Salman, Nayef and Sultan – three of the famous “Sudayri Seven,” a close-knit group of seven sons born to a mother from the Sudayri tribe. But most of King Abd al-Aziz’s sons are now in their eighties – King Abdullah is eighty-three – and the day will soon come when a Saudi king is chosen from the third generation of the Al Saud.

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