Sex, Drugs and Plants

A National Geographic documentary, Sex, Drugs and Plants, shows how plants can think, feel, camouflage…and seduce. After you watch it, you feel badly about how humans are abusing the world of plants and trees, and how closely similar humans are, not only to apes but also to dandelions.

Scientists and experts reveal the skills and tricks that plants use to survive, with predatory plants using every trick in the book to entice a meal, including sniffing out their prey. Exploring the defenses plants employ to save themselves from harm, featuring the amazing acacia, which commands an ant army to fend off unwanted visitors. Experts also investigate how human intervention affects the plants, including a fascinating look at how technological advances could change the future of farming.

From commanding ant armies to defend them or ‘sniffing’ out their prey, plants use all the skills and tricks at their disposal to survive.

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Category: Drugs, Nature


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