Pretty Boys (Male Model)

Being a runway model is every girl’s dream… But is it every boy’s? Pretty Boys goes behind-the-scenes of the catwalks and editorial shoots of male models. This gripping documentary brings us up close and personal with many beautiful men and the fashion world that consumes them. Filmed candidly, it explores the lives of models at different stages of their careers.

The film focuses on Kelly, a young male model from America who visits Milan with hopes of taking his career to the next step through Milan’s fashion week. We are able to see the unglamorous side of modeling as the boys in Milan troop about the city to countless castings and go-sees. Behind the glitzy catwalk is a world of hard work and determination, yet the pretty boys manage to retain a light-hearted feel about it as they joke about the quirks and stereotypes of the fashion industry.

Pretty Boys also takes a look at how the role of the male model is slowly changing and following the same path that female fashion modeling took several years ago. Male modelling is beginning to be taken a lot more seriously as evolving interest in masculine trends and clothing increases. However, male models have still to reach the superstar status and income that is accomplished by female supermodels. A highly interesting and entertaining documentary, Pretty Boy’ shows us that not all male models are as shallow and self-obsessed as stereotypes may suggest.

Category: Education, Fashion

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