My Boyfriend The War Hero (Extraordinary People)

Vicky Swales, at just 16, got engaged to her soldier boyfriend Craig Wood, during his two week R&R from his tour of Afghanistan. Less than two weeks later, Craig was hit by a roadside explosive. He lost both legs and an arm, becoming the youngest British serviceman to be injured in Afghanistan and one of only three British soldiers with a triple amputation to have survived his injuries.

By following Vicky‘s story in the months before the couple get the keys to their new house, this film reflects on Vicky’s momentous decision to effectively ‘put away childish things’. But as she supports Craig through the frustrating procedure of learning to walk on C-legs and having facial reconstructive surgery; as she frantically shops for furniture and prepares for them moving in together, will her biggest struggle actually be persuading her family and friends that she’s grown up enough to make the decision she’s made?

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