Meet One of Australia’s Most Notorious Underworld Enforcers

For almost 30 years notorious gangster Graham ‘Abo’ Henry and his partner Neddy Smith ruled the mean streets of Sydney, Australia’s crime capital, with iron fists. They went head-to-head with other gangs, crooked cops, unsuspecting civilians, and finally each other, all with the endorsement of Australia’s most infamous bent cop, Roger Rogerson.

With violence, bloodshed and fear as his tools of trade, Abo Henry carved a swathe through the criminal underworld, raking in millions, and living by his own code of honor; one of looking after your mates, and never, ever rolling on them. His criminal career came to an end on what is known as Sydney’s deadliest pub crawl, which culminated in Henry stabbing police prosecutor Mal Spence in the stomach and the neck.

Category: Crime, Entertainment

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