Medjugorje: Myth or Miracle? (Miracle)

A diverse group of New Zealanders embark on a journey to reach a special place, to share their belief with thousands of others and climb Apparition Hill, to where the Virgin Mary first appeared to six children. The group is lead by a devout Catholic mother, and her daughter, who’s disbelief is declared from the off! In 1981 the Virgin Mary appeared on a hill above a small farming town in Bosnia, and she has been appearing to them every day since, giving these visionaries messages to share with all people – that God exists, and he wishes to hear our prayers to bring peace to the world.

More than 60 million people of all faiths have already journeyed to Medjugorje. From around the world they come, all banded together to hear the messages from God, and to experience the love and joy that embraces them in this place of miracles. The journey of revelations for these New Zealanders travel is led by Terri, a woman of true faith, with a passion to show us what is happening in this extraordinary place, yet tolerant and understanding of unbelievers. None more so disbelieving than her daughter who travels with her, looking to prove to her mother and us, that all we see, hear and learn is at best just a beautiful modern myth. Although she accepts and understands her mother’s deep-rooted faith, her disbelief persists throughout all that the group experiences – or does it? Beautifully shot, follow this extraordinary adventure that will both charm and challenge along every step.

Category: Adventure, Education

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