Lisbon: What makes Portugal’s capital city so attractive?

Lisbon, Portugal’s “White City”, is an old multifaceted city in Europe. Lisbon has experienced many periods of prosperity and has survived many crises.

But what makes Lisbon so attractive today – especially among young people? A film crew met a range of mainly young people in Lisbon, and asked them about their relationship to the Portuguese capital city. Lisbon’s history has been significantly shaped by its harbor, which made it a central hub of trade in Europe and the starting point for voyages of discovery and conquest in the late Middle Ages. Vasco da Gama embarked on his last trip to India from Lisbon, and enjoyed a hero’s welcome on his return in 1499. From Bairro Alto and the National Museum of Ancient Art to the Tower of Belém and countless palaces, churches and hotels, Lisbon has a lot to offer tourists. But what makes the Portuguese capital such an attractive destination for young people in the present day? The friendly and carefree nature of the Portuguese people, says one blogger, who quit his job in a bank in order to photograph his city for an image campaign. The incomparable light of Lisbon, says a city historian committed to the conservation of Portugal’s colorful glazed wall tiles: azulejos. The sense of melancholy, adds a singer, who is just as enthusiastic about modern electronic music as she is about the traditional fado, which she herself performs on stage. Culinary specialties made from locally fished seafood are the secret, says an acclaimed chef and craftsman. And for an avid surfer, the city’s appeal lies in the impressive waves along the coastline.

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