Inside Hamas (Israel/Palestine)

On December 9th 1987 a group of Palestinian scholars founded the Islamic resistance movement called Hamas. They dreamt of creating an Islamic Palestine. Now, 20 years later, they have some of that dream in their grasp. However, the new Islamic State is confined to 1.5 million living in the war-ravaged ‘prison colony’ of Gaza. Rory Peck award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Vazquez has gained unprecedented access to every aspect of Hamas – never before granted to a foreign crew. Putting the story in the context of the last 20 years, the film will show the reality of Hamas beyond the rhetoric. After being democratically elected, then rejected by ‘the West’ and then booting out Fateh in a week-long civil war, can Hamas prove themselves as a legitimate, responsible government? Can they even survive? It is an urgent question that could determine peace or ever-worsening war in the Middle East.

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