Honeymoon in Kabul (Afghanistan)

Honeymoon in Kabul is an inspirational documentary which follows newly weds, midwife Maggie Haertsch and clown doctor Jean Paul Bell, on their whirlwind mission to take medical aid and humour to the children of Kabul. Maggie and Jean Paul arrive in Kabul amidst riots and discover that their precious cargo of advanced medical equipment is strewn over a dirty hospital floor, useless in a country where electricity is unreliable and thousands of children are dying of malnutrition and dysentery every year.

The film explores the responsibility and power of the individual to make positive change in society, and the politics of aid and charity, asking whether well-intentioned amateurs can actually make any difference in a country racked with troubles and visiting one of Afghanistan’s most respected political activists and parliamentarians. As Jean Paul entertains gun-wielding Afghans, nervous American soldiers, and sick children, the film also investigates the role of humour in the face of adversity and its potential to unify and transcend race, class and culture.

Lucky to leave Afghanistan alive, Maggie and Jean Paul take us on a hair-raising and fascinating journey which shows that the delivery of aid in Afghanistan is as complex and delicate as any second marriage.

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