Hatshepsut: Egypt’s Great Queen

One of the most compelling and misunderstood figures in all of history, Hatshepsut was the first woman to take command of the Kingdom of the Nile over a thousand years before Cleopatra. This in-depth profile of the legendary Pharaoh travels across Egypt in search of clues to her remarkable life and 20-year rule. The search is made harder by the fact that the rulers who came after her did everything in their power to eliminate all traces of her existence. What could she have done to inspire such hatred?Join the world’s leading scholars as they sift through the evidence of Hatshepsut’s life. Did she take a common man as her lover? How was she able to hold onto the crown for twenty years, while turmoil and controversy swirled around her? From her daringpower play to the monumental tomb that commemorates this mysterious figure, this is the ultimate examination of EGYPT’S GREAT QUEEN

Category: Education

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