Germans in Israel: Israelis in Germany

A new generation of Israelis and Germans is showing that reconciliation really is possible.

This documentary presents young people who believe in a common future, even though – more than 70 years after the Holocaust – Germany still contends with anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish attacks. Shahak Shapira has been exposed to anti-Semitic hostility and lost family members in the Holocaust as well as his grandfather in the attacks on the Israelis track and field team at the 1972 Munich Olympics – yet he still lives in Germany. Israeli singer Rilli Willow’s great aunt died in Auschwitz – but Rilli married a German Christian and splits her time between Germany and Israel. German chef Tom Franz converted to Judaism, married an Israeli woman, and lives in Tel Aviv. German writer Sarah Stricker also works and lives in Israel. They are four examples of a new generation of Israelis and Germans who are proving that, even after the darkest chapters of German history, people can live together again in peace and friendship.

Category: Education

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