Buddha In Suburbia (Buddhism)

Buddha In Suburbia (Buddhism)

Lelung Rinpoche is one of Tibetan Buddhism’s three principal reincarnations. For the past seven years, he has been living in a garden shed in North London where he runs his teaching centre.

He now embarks upon a mission to find previous Lelung’s teachings and those who hold the key to unlocking their secrets. His fascinating odyssey takes him all the way to India, Mongolia and China as he returns to the lost teachings of his faith and to his homeland. On his journey, Rinpoche meets some of Tibetan Buddhism’s most senior teachers, including the Tibetan Prime Minister in exile.

This documentary follows Lelung Rinpoche as he takes on the most daunting of tasks: to recover lost spiritual teachings before they disappear for eternity, whilst taking steps toward his own path of enlightenment.

Category: Education

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