Art & Copy

Art & Copy is an Independent Lens documentary aired on PBS details the social, ethnic and commercial phenomenon called advertising, as well as its influence on our modern lives.

Directed by filmmaker Doug Pray, the film talks about the leading creative and talented people in the history of advertising industry, particularly in the U.S. These advertising experts openly admit they’re all geniuses. All of them are greatly proud of their amusing and engaging adverts that tell nothing for the product but its part of the brainwashing publicity method of branding, which attempts not just to redirect the attention away from the product or services but carries everything to a higher level.

This method revolutionized the advertising business. Before the 1960s, advertisements were typically boring and no impact, nowadays ads are small creative artworks. Ads today are more amusing, more engaging and more impact to the viewers. At the end, businesses sold ton of products.

As the brilliant documentary “Art & Copy” bring up, it certainly is not that they hate advertisements – it’s that all of them dislike bad advertisements. If the advert is interesting, unique, or strong on an emotional level, they have no issue from it. People do not care about being publicized to, provided that it’s carried out in a way that reflects their interest. This film boasts plenty of stylish artistry, cleverness, innovation and creative mindset to carry itself into the documentary realm.

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Category: Arts

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