Antonio Gaudi: Visions of Space

In ‘Visions of Space’, narrator Robert Hughes tackles the work and lives of three remarkable 20th-century architects: Albert Speer, Mies van der Rohe, and Antonio Gaudi – whose work did so much to shape the modern world. Hughes looks at how each one used space in different ways to express our response, respectively, to the power of religion (Antonio Gaudi), the power of the State (Albert Speer), and the power of the corporation (Mies van der Rohe).

Robert Hughes returns to Spain for the BBC to explore the legacy of Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect famous for his unique and highly individualistic designs. Gaudi was also the last great cathedral builder of the 20th century, an intensely Catholic celibate who, despite his austere life, designed some of the most “primitive” and sensuous buildings. On his journey through Gaudi’s life and work, Hughes (an ex-Catholic himself) explains how a man as religious and conservative as Gaudi could become such an innovative 20th-century giant.

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Category: Arts, Religion

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