Stuart Robinson is a storm chaser. Just like St. Paul, he had a revelatory experience; however his was in the cinema, watching the blockbuster movie ‘Twister’. Since then Stuart’s attempted to ‘intercept’ 5 Hurricanes, and indeed on two of these trips he’s actually made it into the eye of the storm. Now some two years since his last ‘chase’ Stuart is planning another adventure with his American colleague Roger Hill, arguably the world’s most experienced storm chaser. With the weather patterns indicating a huge storm towards the end of September will these two storm junkies manage to navigate their way into the carnage to get their fix?

At home Stuart keeps all this excitement and adrenaline largely under wraps. His long term girlfriend Alison is hugely under whelmed with his pastime. This film will follow the whole lifespan of a Hurricane, from its formation, it building in velocity over water, hitting land, and then finally dying out. We will also see scenes of people leaving the prospective area where the Hurricane is supposed to hit and follow up the aftermath of a Hurricane and the devastation to both the area and people’s lives. These sequences will contrast with our storm junkies elation of being in the midst of such a violent storm.

A Very British Storm Junkie (Extreme Weather)

Adventure, Education |

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