A bunker for books: Bibliophilia in Belgrade

Books are his passion: Viktor Lazić wants to assemble the biggest library in Belgrade – using only donations. He has already collected one million books, which he is currently still storing in an air raid shelter.

Prison inmates and refugees are the only ones who receive books as gifts from Viktor Lazić. He keeps the rest for his big project: assembling the largest library between Vienna and Istanbul. More and more people have learned about Lazic’s mission, and he often gets phone calls from people who want to donate their deceased relatives’ book collections. Lazić doesn’t receive any state funding — and has been largely ignored by cultural institutions. He’s taken on a couple of book fans as assitants — but not everyone thinks that the library project is a good idea. A Bunker for Books – Bibliophilia in Belgrade A Report by Nader Alsarras.

Category: Education

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